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October 20, 2013


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Work Hard, Play Harder!

Sun Oct 20, 2013, 8:26 PM

News and Updates

Sep 29, 2013- New Contact Lens Video Reviews

Hey there! Just posted two new reviews for contact lenses on my channel. Both are from Honeycolor, one is a purple Vassen Sweet Bliss, and the other is a blue Beaucon Vibrant Match. Follow this link to see them, as well as other reviews and videos!…

My Other Cosplay Sites


For updates, progress photos, cosplay plans, convention photos, etc. as well as social networking!


My general blog: I post cosplay compares, cosplay progress, tutorials, tips, etc. in addition to reblogging things that strike my fancy!


Hardly use it, but feel free to follow anyways ;P


Occasionally post tutorials, contact lens reviews, photo slide shows, videos/pics from cons, etc.

I am also on various other sites, including (but not limited to), ACP, Reddit, etc. If you see "me" on another site and are unsure if it is me, someone with the same name, or an impostor, do not hesitate to ask me here. =)

Updates on Cosplay

So far this year I've been focusing on a lot of Disney because for years I've wanted to cosplay so many different Disney characters, and thought this year would be a good time to crank some of them out. In reality, most of the ones I wanted to do are quite simple, so it's great practice for me to try a variety of different basic skills. =)

Cosplays In Progress:

Cadence (MLP)- 95%
Red Jasmine - 90%
Sailor Neptune- 80%

Cosplays Next Up:


Updates on Conventions

So far I've been to OhayoCon, Anime Central, and Anime Boston! I also attended MatsuriCon where I won an award for Best Masters for my Space Faerie cosplay! Just got back from RamenCon, as well, where I help out with running the masquerade event. =)

Still thinking about attending SugoiCon, and Anime Crossroads depending on work and school. 

In 2014, I intend on going to OhayoCon, Indianapolis ComicCon, and Anime Central.

Cosplays Premiered in 2013

Kurumu Kurono
Julia of Cowboy Bebop
Sheryl Nome- cowgirl
"Kida" Kidagakash
Stocking (beach bikini)
Space Faerie
Anastasia (opera dress)
Michiko Malandro- tube top
Mizore Shirayuki *remake* (needs photos)

Anime Central 2013: Kurumu Kurono by MomoKurumiCowboy Bebop: Julia and Ed by MomoKurumiMischievous Tinkerbell by MomoKurumiAnime Central 2013: Sheryl Nome by MomoKurumiAtlantis: Kidagakash by MomoKurumiThe Incredibles: Elastigirl by MomoKurumiStocking: Summer Time, Beach Time! by MomoKurumiSpace Faerie Cosplay by MomoKurumiAnastasia by MomoKurumiMiss Michiko Malandro by MomoKurumi

Skin by Nobody (modified by MomoKurumi)
MomoNekko Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're so awesome, Momo! You're another one of my inspirations to do more cosplays :D 

~Roniqua Williams (Chunli-Love Cosplay)
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