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News and Updates- Now on Instagram!

Tue Jun 10, 2014, 4:23 PM

News and Updates

June 10, 2014: Post ColossalCon Post

I just attended ColossalCon for the first time ever and had an absolute BLAST!! I already want to go back and have a ton of ideas for what to cosplay next year =) I wore several cosplays at the con, including Leia-Jasmine, Chel from El Dorado, red Esmeralda's dress, Sailor Neptune, Tess from Jak and Daxter, and Jhudora, as well as a handmade Jhudora swimsuit! It was an amazing time, I am exhausted from it, and I can't wait to share some of the amazing photos I got, as they come in in the next few weeks!

My Other Sites & Profiles


For updates, progress photos, cosplay plans, convention photos, etc. as well as social networking!


My general blog: I post cosplay compares, cosplay progress, tutorials, tips, etc. in addition to reblogging things that strike my fancy!



I just joined this and am trying to get the hang of it!


Hardly use it, but feel free to follow anyways ;P


Occasionally post tutorials, contact lens reviews, photo slide shows, videos/pics from cons, etc.

I am also on various other sites, including (but not limited to), ACP, Reddit, etc. If you see "me" on another site and are unsure if it is me, someone with the same name, or an impostor, do not hesitate to ask me here. =)

Updates on Cosplay

So far this year I've been focusing on a lot of Disney because for years I've wanted to cosplay so many different Disney characters, and thought this year would be a good time to crank some of them out. In reality, most of the ones I wanted to do are quite simple, so it's great practice for me to try a variety of different basic skills. =)

Cosplays In Progress:

Red Jasmine - 95%
Black Cat- 95%
Sailor Saturn- 60%
Sailor Chibi Moon- 50%
Sailor Mars- 40%

Updates on Conventions

This year I've already gone to many conventions! I've been trying a lot of comic and alternative conventions this year, as opposed to just anime cons, as I've almost always done.

I've gone to OhayoConIndiana Comic ConC2E2Indy Pop Con, and ColossalCon. Next up is IkasuGenCon, and RamenCon! Also hoping to go to Midori too. =)

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I'm SCamDesigns on instagram =D
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